I started learning drawing when I was three and a half years old. I was the winner of the drawing competition of Jilin City for primary children when I was eight; that showed me a small part of the world of fine art and is one of the reasons why I like it, specifically drawing.

My dream university is Cambridge, Trinity college. I want to go there because it is one of the top ones in the world.

I want to be an architect in the future because I’m really interested in drawing and designing. Also an interior designer.

My other dream is to travel around the world because I’m taking a gap year when I graduate from high school(when I’m 15 years old)  to gather experiences and visit all the different architecture designed by the famous architects, along with the interior designs.

This is me

I am Amanda Zhang and I’m a thirteen-year-old kid going to Jilin City No.1 Highschool, China.
I love drawing and most of all, designing. My dream is to become an architect.